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Welcome to the Web site of the
Guernsey Amateur Radio Society

We meet on Friday evenings from about 7pm at the bunker in the grounds of the Beau Sejour Leisure Centre (See arrow on photo below).

However, on the first Friday of each month we go out and about to a local watering hole as a social evening, usually from about 8pm.
The venue changes from month to month and details are shown below the Contest Calendar at the right hand side of this page.



As you come round the corner to the Concourse entrance we are down a concrete staircase (20 steps ! ! !) on the left hand side of the road.
See red arrow above.




We hope you find something here of interest.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, ideas or other information please let the webmaster know.

Aug 1
La Trelade
Sep 5
Hougue du Pommier
Oct 3
Fleur du Jardin
Nov 7
AGM at Bunker
Dec 5
La Trelade


Jul 16
80m CC-SSB
Jul 20
Low Power Contest
Jul 24
80m CC-Data
Jul 26-27
IOTA Contest
Aug 3
Aug 13
80m Club Sprint CW
Aug 28
80m Club Sprint SSB
Sep 6-7
SSB Field Day
Sep 10
80m Club Sprint SSB
Sep 25
80m Club Sprint CW
Oct 5
21/28MHz Contest
Oct 8
80m Club Sprint CW
Oct 23
80m Club Sprint SSB
Nov 8
Club Calls 1.8MHz AFS
Nov 12
80m Club Sprint SSB
Nov 15-16
2nd 1.8MHz Contest
Nov 27
80m Club Sprint CW


Every 1st Tuesday
Every 2nd Tuesday
Every 3rd Tuesday
Every 4th Tuesday Jan-Nov
SHF and 50MHz UKAC
Jul 20
70MHz Trophy Contest
Aug 2
144MHz Low Power Contest and 4th Backpacker
Aug 3
432MHz Low Power Contest
Aug 10
70MHz Cumulatives
Sep 6-7
144MHz Trophy Contest
Sep 7
5th 144MHz Backpacker
Sep 21
Second 70MHz Contest
Oct 4
1.2GHz / 2.3GHz Trohpy
Oct 4-5
432MHz - 248GHz Contest
Oct 19
50MHz AFS Contest
Nov 1-2
144MHz CW Marconi
Dec 7
144MHz AFS
Dec 26-29
50/70/144/321MHz Christmas Cumulatives Contest
Above details believed to be accurate but check RSGB website for further details and rules.