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NG3K Announced DX Operations
DX Summit - Spots, SFI, K and A indices
Contesting Online Home Page
425DX News - English bulletins
The OPDX bulletin
WA7BNM Contest calendar
ARRL Logbook Of The World
SM3CER Contest Service
GB7DXG DXcluster
ON4KST VHF, UHF and Microwave Chat
OK0EF beacon 10.134MHz
OK1RR DX and Contesting

GARS Members Web Sites

GU6EFB - Keith
GU0SUP - Phil
MU0ZVV - Jerry


Team Vertical - verticals next to salt water
Top Ten Devices antenna switches
Dunestar bandpass filters
Comtek 4-square array switches
Array Solutions antenna switches
Force 12 Antennas
Fluidmotion Antenna Systems - the SteppIR yagi
VE6WZ 80m yagi - good coil building info
DK7ZB yagis - mainly VHF/UHF
EI7BA - lots of useful antenna info


PA3BWK's Ultimate Morse Code Web Site
Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club - auf Deutsch
The Art and Skill of Radio Telegraphy by N0HFF
Bavarian Contest Club - Improve your CW skills

Vibroplex Collector's Page


W6EL Propagation Prediction
EZNEC Antenna performance modelling
Writelog contest software
Writelog help page
DXbase logging program
MMTTY - RTTY program
DigiPan - PSK31 program
Winlog32 Logging Software


K1TTT coaxial balun design
AK6R coaxial stub filter design
W8JI good receiver performance
W2IHY Audio Equalizer
K6XX technical articles
K8CU technical articles
TK5EP - lots of TS850 info
ND2X - linear amp construction info
K7KAR - good SO2R info
The PICList - PIC microcontrollers


CERT - Internet Security Coordination Center
Tom's Hardware Guide

General Amateur Radio on the Net
Ebay Amateur Equipment
Welcome to Guernsey
Current Guernsey Weather Forecast
Guernsey News
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